Wuxi Ever Grill Metal Product Co., Ltd

Wuxi Ever Grill Metal Product Co., LTD where the sprit from Wuxi Ever-Grill Metal Products Co., Ltd was established in 2016. Now company has plants over 2000 Sq Meters, after more than two years of efforts, our company has begun to take shape and now has 2 experienced engineers and 30 skilled technical workers, they good at the sheet metal working, especially the stainless steel parts processing. discover more +

Hot Products

    • Portable/camping Gas Grill

      Portable/camping Gas Grill

      Fire up BBQ’s anytime and anywhere! Be it camping, boating, RV-ing, tailgating or just having a picnic our portable BBQ just fits the occasion. Designed for portable use and built to withstand any environments, with the right features it helps you make any excursion or outing a memorable one. Portable BBQ is an apt grilling solution for the patio and deck grilling where space is a fuss for bigger BBQ’s. Don’t miss out on having fresh grilled flavours that you love anytime and anywhere. Discreet, stylish and compact enough to fit in the boot of your car, or only taking up a bit of space on the trailer, portable BBQ just makes campsite cooking effortless. Despite their size and compactness, Portable BBQ offers many of the same features as their larger counterparts.

    • Double Flame 24 Fire Pit

      Double Flame 24 Fire Pit


    • Pizza Oven Accessory Kit

      Pizza Oven Accessory Kit

      The kit includes four-piece accessory pack:heavy stainless steel chamber, thermometer, 14" outdoor pizza stone, 13.5"*16" aluminum pizza peel with high-temperature glass