A barbecue grill explains what barbecue is for you

- Jan 31, 2020-

First, there is no burning chemical emission when grilling: all barbecues using fuel as a heat source, such as charcoal, even if it is fully burned red charcoal, white charcoal barbecue, and then liquefied gas or medium gas barbecue, even if it is burning and Full barbecue appliances, whether we can't see the black smoke, the emissions of chemical smokeless barbecue stoves still exist, and the emitted materials still pollute the food and the environment. Of all the heat sources used as barbecues, electricity is the cleanest heat source, and electricity has no chemical emissions as a heat source.

Second, there is no oil fume during grilling: the production of oil fume originates from the oil droplets dripping on the high-temperature heat source during the grilling. The oil fume also originates from the process of frying food. The oil quality during food frying will deteriorate, it will also produce oil fume, pollute food and pollute the environment.https://www.evergrillw.com/