Advantages of 15 Kamado grill

- Dec 20, 2019-

1. It is an airtight container with thick wall, not easy to lose heat, fast heating, when it reaches a certain temperature, it has the functions of constant temperature, heat preservation and reflection temperature. It can "lock" food when grilling. The grilled food will not dry. Good taste!

2. It is suitable for "boring" large pieces of meat and "whole chicken". Compared with ordinary charcoal grills and gas stoves, it has the advantages of short time, thorough cooking, and energy saving. It is roasted pork elbow (German's Favorite) the best stove!

3. The food is not easy to scorch because it is "smoked roast". According to authoritative evaluation: "Non-roasted" food has less nutrient loss, and the food will not "carbonize" and will not cause cancer. Therefore, KAMADO grilling method is the healthiest and most respectable The way to grill!

4.KAMADO barbecue oven is durable (one furnace can be used for at least 5 years, low family expenses); easy to clean, many accessories, suitable for various cooking methods, can also have: roasting, stuffing, braising, steaming, cooking, etc. Way of cooking. And bake pizzas, burgers, hot dogs, etc. Chef's favorite!

5. It is an ancient barbecue method, the most traditional, safest and most natural! It is also a popular barbecue stove!