Advantages of ceramic barbecue

- Mar 09, 2020-

(1) The patent automatic turning system of the automatic barbecue stove is adopted, which does not need manual operation, namely, putting and baking, saves labor and is convenient and quick.
(2) The gas volume is adjusted at will, and the fire is small without tempering. Two section fire channel design, one section can burn independently, or two sections can burn at the same time, fast and slow free regulation, gas is not wasted.
(3) It adopts the highest density honeycomb infrared board, which has higher thermal efficiency and is not easy to be broken.
(4) It adopts tungsten ferrochrome aluminum wire mesh, with finer fire hole and more uniform fire power.
(5) High temperature cotton is used for aerospace equipment, with better insulation and heat insulation performance. The body of the full-automatic barbecue machine is not hot, energy is not wasted, and it is more energy-saving and safer.
(6) The internal casting design cancels the second generation of adhesive soil method, overcomes the shortcomings of the combustion plate, such as easy aging and falling off, poor gas and fire, and makes this key part more solid and durable.
(7) The interior design is more simplified and spacious, and the maintenance of the nozzle is easier.