Advantages of ceramic grill products

- May 27, 2020-

(1) The patented active flipping system of the active grill is used. No human operation is required, and it is roasted immediately, saving labor, convenient and fast.

(2) The new design of the fire path, the gas volume is adjusted at will, and the fire is not tempered when the fire is small. Two-section fire path planning, one section can be burned independently, and two sections can be burned at the same time, the speed is adjusted freely, and the gas is not wasted.

(3) The latest high-density honeycomb infrared board is selected, which has higher thermal efficiency and is not easily broken.

(4) The use of tungsten-containing iron-chromium-aluminum wire mesh has finer fire eyes and more even firepower.

(5) The high-temperature cotton of the aerospace device is selected, the insulation performance is better, the body of the fully active barbecue machine is not tricky, the energy is not wasted, and the more energy saving, the safer.

(6) Internal casting-type planning and the abolition of the second-generation glue-stained soil method, overcoming the shortcomings of the burning plate that is easy to age and fall, and the bad gas and fire, making this key part more robust and durable.

(7) The internal planning is simpler and more spacious, and maintenance is easier.