Advantages of charcoal grill

- Sep 18, 2019-

The loyal fans of the charcoal grill are determined not to choose the gas oven. They do have their truth: charcoal ovens can reach a violent 482 degrees Celsius on the surface of the meat, which is much hotter than a standard gas oven without an infrared burner. With such a high temperature, the skin of the steak and lamb chops can be turned into our super favorite meringue while keeping the red and pink inside the meat.

Another major advantage of charcoal grilling is smoke, which is a by-product of burning fun. The charcoal-derived smoke contains a wide range of flavor molecules, especially when it begins to ignite. The gas fuel is simply a molecule (CH4 is natural gas and C3H8 is liquid propane). If they are completely burning, there is only water and carbon dioxide, and there is no flavor. Gas ovens must add wood in order to generate smoke. When the fat and juice of the food drip onto the burning charcoal, a large amount of smoke will be produced. If the smoke is only a short encounter, the smoke does not significantly change the flavor of fast cooking foods such as hot dogs, beef burgers, and even thin steaks. In thick steaks and chicken cuts, the flavor of the smoke can be clearly perceived. If you use your grill for a long, low-temperature smoked grill, there is a clear difference in flavor. The flavor of the smoke produced by the gas oven is very simple.

After talking about the charcoal grill, let's take a look at the advantages of the gas oven. The gas oven is easier and easier to control, and it is easy to start and can be heated in 10 to 15 minutes. It is easy to maintain a stable temperature and it is easy to heat or cool down. If you have 2 or more burners, you can easily create a two-zone grill. Temperature control is critical for good grilling and is also very easy to implement on a gas oven. Gas ovens are also easier to clean and are generally allowed to be used on the balcony.

Advantages of gas ovens:

What is the taste of the gas oven? To the surprise of many people, about 90% of the best BBQ restaurants in the world use gas to heat up their stoves and then use wood to enhance their flavor. At a similar rate, the world's most expensive steakhouse uses gas to bake their finest steaks.

The reason why the BBQ restaurant chooses the gas oven and the family barbecue is the same: convenience and control. The steakhouse uses gas-baked because they require a darker surface that can be heated from above and below with a dedicated heater, resulting in exceptionally high heat temperatures between 426.7 and 648.8 degrees Celsius.

Unfortunately, ordinary courtyard gas ovens do not produce such large amounts of heat. With a dedicated burner, you can reach 482 degrees Celsius on a small portion of the food. But most gas ovens have temperatures between about 232.2 and 260. If you buy a new one, I highly recommend a special burner, especially if you often grill the steak.

Although gas ovens are slightly better at maintaining a stable temperature, they are not perfect. The medium on the controller may be 148.8 degrees Celsius on hot days, and perhaps 135 degrees Celsius in 21 degrees Celsius, or even 107 degrees Celsius on a cool, windy or rainy day. But if you are familiar with your grill, it will be easy to control the temperature. On a grill with three burners, you might use a hot area for roasting, a medium-hot grilled vegetable, and a low area to place the grilled food. The heat spreader prevents the flame from working well on the burner.