Advantages of charcoal grill

- Dec 02, 2019-

A loyal fan of charcoal grills, they will never choose gas grills. They do have their reason: a charcoal oven can reach a violent 482 degrees Celsius on the surface of the meat, which is much hotter than a standard gas oven without an infrared burner. With such a high temperature, the skin of steaks and lamb chops can become our favorite pastry, while keeping the red and pink inside the meat.

Another major advantage of charcoal grilling is smoke, which is an interesting by-product of burning. The smoke produced by charcoal contains a wide range of flavor molecules, especially when it starts to ignite. Gas fuels are simply molecules (CH4 is natural gas and C3H8 is liquid propane). When they are completely burned, there is only water and carbon dioxide and no flavor. To produce smoke in an air oven, wood must be added. When food fat and juice drip onto burning charcoal, a large amount of smoke is produced. If it is only a brief encounter with smoke, smoke will not significantly change the flavor of fast-cooking foods such as hot dogs, beef burgers, or even lean steaks. In thick steaks and chicken cuts, the flavor of the smoke can be clearly perceived. If you use your grill for a long, low-temperature smoked grill, there is a clear difference in flavor. The flavor of the smoke produced by the gas oven is very simple.