Analysis of the rapid development strategy of my country's smokeless barbecue in the environmental protection market

- Sep 25, 2020-

The grill should be a Ming-style, smoke-free, direct-style electric grill. First of all, it should be a Ming-style grill, otherwise, there will be no fun of visible grilling. It is not a grill, but just a grill box. Second, it should be a smokeless grill, because the home cannot tolerate exhaust gas and oil smoke. Of course, it should be a direct grill, otherwise it would be a teppanyaki and a deep fryer. To meet the above requirements, only electric grills can be used. The household barbecue grill does not need to light a fire, and it is convenient to turn on the electricity. In addition to holding barbecue banquets, it is also very convenient to use frequently in daily life. Barbecue pits are not only used to hold barbecue banquets, but also can be used everywhere in daily life.

The principle of smokeless electric barbecue is a direct-burning electric barbecue in which the heat source directly acts on the food. The food grease drips immediately during the barbecue, and there is no repeated infiltration of the oil, that is, there is no oily frying and frying process. It contains less fat, and the grilled food has a real grilled taste.

Smokeless barbecue grill has its own solid position in this era, taking the lead in barbecue equipment, leading barbecue equipment to the forefront of the new century. The current era belongs to the era of environmental protection. Due to the global greenhouse effect caused by many years of industrial development, straw burning, and summer barbecue smoke, the acceleration of glacier melting and the continuous rise of sea level are always reminded. Human beings should pay attention to environmental protection immediately. The earth is the homeland for human beings and all living things, but the earth also needs the care of human beings.

The technology of the smokeless grill is the use of the world’s new technology. It is made of stainless steel and uses liquefied gas as fuel. It is heated by the infrared plate burning and can be grilled without preheating. And because of its unique design, the infrared plate is integrated with the food. The 90-degree vertical structure prevents the oil from the food and condiments from falling and producing dense smoke during the barbecue. It achieves the purpose of smoke-free and oil-free. It has the characteristics of energy saving, environmental protection, cleanliness and hygiene, convenient and fast, and has become a leader The leader of barbecue equipment.

Smokeless grills Today's smokeless grills are divided into four categories: charcoal smokeless grills, gas smokeless grills, electric smokeless grills, and microwave smokeless grills. They also have their own contributions in their respective fields and have been welcomed by people from all walks of life. These smokeless grills have different working principles: the principle of charcoal smokeless grills is that charcoal emits carbon monoxide during the combustion process, which is It is colorless and tasteless, and the charcoal is burned and has no smoke. Ordinary barbecue grills smoke when making products because the oil and seasonings are dropped into the carbon fire when making products. Ceramic grill

The old barbecue equipment always has thick smoke, which brings people an unbearable environment. The seemingly delicious barbecue food, after being smoked, has become people's disease lurker. Environmental awareness is also slowly deriving in people's minds. Now many environmental protection facilities have begun to appear around the world. The era of environmental protection has come, and smokeless barbecue grills bear the brunt and become an irreplaceable leader in barbecue equipment.

Leicha 25 yuan/person, and 100 yuan a Korean barbecue grill. There is a simple barbecue style. When cleaning the enamel grill, heat the oven to a high temperature first, and then wipe the grill with a wire brush or a copper brush. First, put the charcoal block or briquettes on the top of the chimney-type incinerator, and put a crumpled newspaper or paraffin lighter stick on the bottom. Singapore Spicy Grilled Chicken Wings are directly grilled and grilled 18 pieces of this spicy chicken wings reflect the amazing ethnic diversity of Singapore. Yellow rosewood is a kind of rosewood, classified as Dalbergia serrata. It was especially precious in the furniture of the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644) and Early Qing Dynasty (1644-1912). Disconnect the gas hose from the gas tank. China sprayed Hong Kong sprayed Hong Kong sprayed spicy grilled chicken wings (Shek O chicken wings) directly grilled and grilled 12 Shek O communities on the edge of the sea, located at the southern end of the Hong Kong Island, about half an hour's drive from the urban area with high-rise buildings.