Analysis of the rapid development strategy of smokeless barbecue in the environmental protection market

- Oct 16, 2020-

The technology of the smokeless grill is the use of the world’s new technology. It is made of stainless steel and uses liquefied gas as fuel. It is heated by the infrared plate burning and can be grilled without preheating. And because of its unique design, the infrared plate is integrated with the food. The 90-degree vertical structure prevents the oil from the food and condiments from falling and producing dense smoke during the barbecue. It achieves the purpose of smoke-free and oil-free. It has the characteristics of energy saving, environmental protection, cleanliness and hygiene, convenient and fast, and has become a leader The leader of barbecue equipment.

Smokeless grills Today's smokeless grills are divided into four categories: charcoal smokeless grills, gas smokeless grills, electric smokeless grills, and microwave smokeless grills. They also have their own contributions in their respective fields and have been welcomed by people from all walks of life. These smokeless grills have different working principles: the principle of charcoal smokeless grills is that charcoal emits carbon monoxide during the combustion process, which is It is colorless and tasteless, and the charcoal is burned and has no smoke. Ordinary barbecue grills smoke when making products because the oil and seasonings are dropped into the carbon fire when making products. Smokeless ceramic grill

Every summer, the smokey night market open-air barbecue stalls are always the focus of complaints. In response to this phenomenon, the Zhangdian District Urban Management Law Enforcement Bureau took the lead in all towns’ offices this year, and ordered more than 300 barbecue operators in the jurisdiction to purchase smokeless barbecue equipment from regular manufacturers, and strictly implemented The management model of “field and hospital admission”.

According to reports, for business households who use smokeless barbecue stoves and fill in a written application, and have in-store operating conditions, and achieve "enter the store, enter the factory, enter the hospital" or closed operation, they will be replaced before May 15.5 After the on-site review, registration, filing and signing of the "Letter of Commitment" by the city management department of the town office before the 31st, you can enjoy the government's preferential policies mainly in the form of environmental protection projects. Business households that do not change within the prescribed time limit will no longer enjoy the subsidy preferential policy; those who continue to use barbecue equipment that does not meet environmental protection requirements will be banned according to law.

●The body is made of stainless steel, beautiful in appearance, clean and tidy, healthy and environmentally friendly, and durable.

●The furnace body has its own smoke exhaust purification device, and the electrostatic purification technology is used to treat the barbecue fume, and the purification rate is as high as 98%.

●Using two axial flow fans for smoking, smoke collection is more complete and quieter.

●Barbecue is a car body type, with four wheels under it, which is convenient to move.

●One-piece purification and purification barbecue truck, ready to use after power on, simple operation, easy maintenance, low operating cost