Barbecue can bake all kinds of food independently

- Mar 27, 2020-

Add half of the ignited and half of the unburned charcoal to the barbecue. If you need to add more charcoal, just add the raw charcoal. According to the experiment, you can save about 60% of the charcoal. It is simple, fast, time-saving, labor-saving, low cost and easy to remove. It is easy to install and use, and can move the desktop as needed. The internal devices are not easy to be damaged. There is an air purification system inside, which does not need to install a smoke exhaust pipe. It only needs to install the oven on the fire-proof desktop and connect the power, which reduces the cost of facilities and decommissioning and decoration. Because meat will not stick to the baking tray, it is not necessary to change the baking tray frequently, and the smoke exhaust pipe is in the open place, so it is easy to clean and maintain. Air conditioning can also be used. Air conditioning cools the hot air by convection and then releases it. In this process, due to the serious pollution, most barbecue shops do not have air conditioning. Our oven can not only prevent air pollution, but also effectively purify part of the air, so turning on the fans and air conditioning will not pollute the air. Because the air can be purified by itself, it is very clean and sanitary, and will not jump into the clothes of the guests There will be no smell of oil on the objects, so that the guests can enjoy delicious food in a clean and comfortable atmosphere. The smoke exhaust pipes are in the open place, and the cleaning and maintenance are convenient and simple. Equipped with the fire control button, it can adjust the fire power and barbecue process independently according to the needs, which is not easy to touch the plate. It is not necessary to change the plate when eating normally. The barbecue stove can bake all kinds of food independently.