Barbecue can be divided into two categories: open flame grilling and grilling

- Jul 27, 2020-

Open flame roasting means heating with an open flame. The heat source is generally various charcoal fires and electric ovens.

Seasoning can be done before, during or after baking, or it can be carried out in three periods. However, it should be noted that when seasoning during roasting, if you use liquid condiments, you must use a pen to brush on the raw materials; if you use powder condiments, the amount should not be too much, otherwise it will fall into an open flame and burn The resulting smoke will affect the dining environment.

The open fire roasted dish has the characteristics of golden color, crisp outside and tender inside, as well as smoke and caramel flavor.

When using the open roasting method, due to the concentrated firepower, the roasting should be turned frequently to make it evenly heated, and the distance from the fire must be well controlled to ensure the maturity of the inside and outside.

According to different roasting tools, Ming roasting can be divided into three types: fork roasting, roasting roasting and skewering.

Barbecuing is the use of iron or bamboo long sticks, forks and forks on the fire, and repeated roasting on the fire. It is suitable for grilling whole chicken, duck and fish and large pieces of meat and other large animal materials .

Roasting is a method of putting iron mesh or thin slate on the fire, cutting the raw materials into thin or small pieces, and putting them on the top to roast while eating. Such as Korean barbecue, Japanese barbecue is grilled.

On skewers, small pieces of raw materials are skewered with iron skewers or bamboo skewers, and grilled on fire, such as Xinjiang kebabs. Frying is the use of iron plate, frying pan, etc. for frying, using edible oil as a heat transfer medium. Seasoning can be done before, during or after baking, or it can be carried out in three periods.

The difference between grilling and grilling is that liquid condiments are mainly added to the grilling, so that the flavor juice can penetrate into the raw materials, so the grilled dishes have a variety of flavors and a softer texture.

No matter which kind of grilling method is used for making grilling, various animal and plant raw materials can be widely used for cooking. But because we are not professional grill chefs, it is difficult to grasp the seasoning and grilling operations, so it often affects the quality of the dishes. Grilled dishes should be made with as many different main ingredients and seasonings as possible.

The quality of the grilled food is affected by the length of time, the grasp of the fire, the choice of barbecue equipment, and even the environment at the time. To achieve a good barbecue effect, the above factors should not be ignored, especially the control of barbecue time and heat is the key.