Barbecue deodorization skills

- May 11, 2020-

After long-term use of the grill, it will be affected by many conditions and produce a smell, so how should we deal with it?

1. Use lemonade: After grilling some smelly foods, a smell will be left. At this time, we can soak the lemon in water for cleaning, and put the smelly barbecue in the lemonade Soak for a while and wash it away, the smell will disappear.

2. Use cold salt water: Use cold salt water to remove the smell of paint. The newly painted outdoor grill has a strong paint smell. To remove the smell of paint, you only need to put two basins of cold salt water indoors for one to two days. Remove.

3. Clever vinegar: Whether it is a man or a woman, smoking seems to be a trend. If you recognize this problem, you can use gauze dipped in vinegar to wave or light a candle indoors, and the smell of smoke on the grill will be removed.