Barbecue grill changes new barbecue life

- Jun 01, 2020-

Recently, it has been found in many places that the barbecue stoves used by many barbecue shops and restaurants are very special. Its appearance is all made of stainless steel. The machine is equipped with oil fume purification and purification facilities. There is a platform similar to a stove in the middle. The barbecue stove is placed Above, above it, there is a gap for smoking, and all the fumes from the barbecue are sucked into the stomach of stainless steel appliances to "digest". It is understood that people who call such "artifacts" smoke-free purification grills are expected to be promoted throughout the city. Currently, many restaurants have purchased this equipment.

Smoke-free outdoor barbecue grills, environmentally friendly barbecue trucks, charcoal smoke-free barbecue trucks, manufacturers of self-developed, designed, manufactured, and sold as a comprehensive product, smokeless barbecue trucks mainly include smoke hoods, pipes, grid blocks, lampblack purifiers , Fan, shutters, each process must undergo repeated experiments, rigorous design, and strict production, so that the smoke-free barbecue truck can be presented to everyone's eyes, we always uphold the environment first, quality first , The principle of customer satisfaction first, recommend it to everyone. Qingke Yongchuang's latest smoke-free barbecue truck in 2015 showed greetings to everyone.

The fume purifier of the barbecue car is also divided into a variety of styles, I hope everyone needs to pay attention when buying, the price is right, and you can buy the right barbecue car to be more worry-free.