Barbecue grill cleaning method

- Jul 08, 2020-

Clean the dust collector:

The dust collector is a golden dwelling container shaped like a deep pot, which is available in many carbon ovens. The outdoor grill is located under the fire box of the grill and is used to catch the ashes after charcoal burning. During cleaning, the ventilation holes are now repeatedly opened several times, so that the ashes fall into the dust collector. When the dust collector is full, remove it from the bottom of the oven and discard the ashes. Note: Do not pour hot ash into plastic bags or paper bags. Make sure they are completely cooled when throwing away the ash, I usually wait until the first day to deal with it. What you need to do is put hot ash and other combustible garbage Handle together.

Clean the drip tray:

When grilling chicken and duck or pork leg and pork shoulder with the grill, large oil will drip out. Ceramic grill If you have set up the grill and put the oil pan under the food, then he will be full at the end of the grill. Before pouring the oil, you have to wait for the oven and drip pan to cool completely (the time may be several hours), then remove the grill, carefully remove the plate, and then pour the oil into the prepared tool for him use.