Barbecue grill principle

- Mar 13, 2020-

Charcoal in the process of combustion is the release of carbon dioxide, it is colorless and tasteless, and charcoal is burned, there is no smoke. The common barbecue stove has smoke when making products, because the oil and seasoning are dropped into the carbon fire when making products.
The unique internal design of the smokeless barbecue equipment makes it impossible for oil and seasoning to drip onto the carbon fire during baking, so there will be no smoke; when frying food, there will be no smoke when the heat of the oil does not reach 200 degrees, and the temperature of the oil when we make fried food is generally between 150-170 degrees, so there will be no smoke when frying food.
The smoke exhaust principle of smoke-free electric oven is a kind of direct fired electric oven with heat source directly acting on food. During the barbecue, the food oil immediately drips, without repeated infiltration of oil quality, that is, there is no process of oil frying and frying. The smoke-free barbecue with kitchen utensils for one hundred years is equipped with stainless steel air curtain and filter circulating air device system. Effectively inhale and filter the smoke generated during barbecue, so that the filtered smoke and gas can be burned again. The specially designed non stick baking tray and the oil receiving tank under it can make the grease generated during combustion flow into the tank along the oil guide hole on the baking tray, avoid direct contact with the heating pipe to produce smoke and carcinogens, so as to achieve the purpose of healthy diet and green environmental protection.