Barbecue misunderstanding and solution

- Oct 04, 2019-

Although the barbecue is delicious, it still inevitably makes us worry: because the barbecue is easy to cause cancer, sometimes it will eat bad belly after eating. Nutritionists tell us: In fact, pay more attention to the process of roasting and eating. The taste and health can be the same. Let's take a look at which barbecue methods are wrong:

Mistake 1: The substance that is too scorched is easily carcinogenic. When the meat is dripped into the charcoal fire, the polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons produced will stick to the food with the volatiles of the smoke, and it is also a strong carcinogen.

Solution: It is best to wrap it in aluminum foil to avoid carcinogens. Once burnt, be sure to throw away the burnt parts, absolutely not edible.

Mistake 2: Too much barbecue sauce is usually marinated with soy sauce before roasting, and many barbecue sauces need to be added when roasting, which will result in excessive salt consumption.

Solution: The best way is to marinate with low-salt soy sauce, so you don't need to use barbecue sauce; or the barbecue sauce is diluted with drinking water before use. If it is too thin to be attached, add a little too. White powder thickens.

Mistake 3: The dishes such as dishes and chopsticks used for raw foods are not separated when the cooked food appliances are not separated from the barbecue. It is easy to cause cross-infection and eat bad stomach.

Solution: Prepare two set meals to avoid contamination of cooked food.

In addition to the barbecue method, we are also worried about the barbecue is too greasy.

Worry one: too much grease, barbecue materials are generally high-calorie foods such as meat, plus the use of barbecue sauce, etc., the oil content is too high, it is easy to cause body fat accumulation.

Solution: When choosing barbecue materials, try to choose lean fish and fish with high fatty acid content, do not eat fat meat. In addition, you can also eat some vegetables to reduce greasy. In addition, keeping a slow chewing and exercising after a meal is a good way to consume fat.

Worry 2: Cholesterol is too high, too little fiber. Meat is often dominated by meat and seafood. The cholesterol content is high and fiber intake is often insufficient.

Solution: Should choose more white, green pepper and other foods, and eat more fruits such as orange and other vitamin C, not only low in calories, rich in vitamins, but also rich in pectin and fiber, can promote bowel movements, lower cholesterol. In addition, vitamin C also has a good anti-cancer effect.