BBQ accessories:

- Sep 16, 2019-

The most comprehensive range of accessories, these barbecue accessories are available.

Charcoal clip: As the name implies, it is used to clamp charcoal, and it can also be used to clip some garbage when the barbecue is over, and it is environmentally friendly.

Ignition wax/solid alcohol: Mechanism carbon is more difficult to ignite, so it needs to be assisted by some ignition wax or solid alcohol, which can easily ignite charcoal.

Baked sign: There are two choices of disposable bamboo sticks and stainless steel roasting. It is best to string the prepared food on the baking sign at home. It is convenient and clean when grilling.

Spitfire gun: When you pour charcoal, you can continue to fire the charcoal and shorten the charcoal time. It can also be used directly to bake food, such as fresh charcoal grilled on the street in Japan, and it can also be grilled with a gas torch. In European and American countries, when the meat is cooked, the surface of the spray gun is also selected. Spitfire lock water, and then slowly baked in the oven at medium temperature, or the meat is placed in a bag and vacuumed to cook half-cooked, and then take out the surface of the spray gun to lock the water. The meat that is baked in this way is basically crispy and tender.

Tin foil: Spread the tin foil on the grill and grill it on tin foil. Because the barbecue oil drops on the grill will drip into the oven, not only will it cause heavy smoke, increase the fire, and it is not convenient to clean after use.

Grilling clips: Be sure to remember to bring the grilling clips. If you have a quick eye, you can use chopsticks to turn the food over, but the grilling clips are always more convenient and flexible.

Wet wipes: This is a must-have, and it is very easy to use. It is not convenient to use water outdoors. It is better to use wet wipes. Wipe your hands and wipe the utensils. It is a must.

Insulation box + ice bag: If it is a suburban self-driving tour, you can choose to prepare an incubator. When you are a small refrigerator, when you go, the food is fresh and cold, and when you return, it is loaded with sundries.

Multi-function knife: It is also 7-8 cm in size and is easy to carry. It is used outdoors.