Benefits of smokeless barbecue equipment

- May 10, 2019-

First, there is no soot when using barbecued barbecue equipment: I think everyone knows the generation of soot, firstly from the heat source where the oil drops dripping on the high temperature, such as oil droplets falling on the charcoal fire, dripping on The electric heating tube is immediately turned into fumes. Secondly, the soot is also derived from the process of frying the food. The oil quality will deteriorate when the food is fried, and it will also produce soot, pollute the food and pollute the environment. The use of smokeless barbecue equipment can avoid the above situation as much as possible.

Second, the use of smokeless barbecue equipment for barbecue without chemical emissions: all barbecues using fuel as a heat source, such as charcoal fire, even if it is fully burnt red charcoal, white charcoal barbecue, and then liquefied gas, medium gas barbecue Even if it is burning and its full barbecue utensils, chemical emissions still exist regardless of the black smoke, and the discharged materials still pollute the food and pollute the environment. In all the heat sources that are used as barbecues, electricity is a source of cleanliness.