Built-in exhaust and purification device of smokeless barbecue truck

- Sep 02, 2020-

The smokeless barbecue truck has its own exhaust and purification device. The exhaust fan part can absorb the oil smoke emitted during the barbecue. The barbecue smoke absorbed by the equipment passes through the low-temperature plasma purification section. After its purification treatment, it achieves smokeless emission and purification rate. It can reach more than 95%, meeting indoor and outdoor environmental protection requirements! Shop owners and customers do not need to worry about being smoked by smoke,

No need to worry about complaints, environmental protection and good health. The stove is an integrated purifier to replace the traditional barbecue cart, no need to install, the traditional charcoal grilling method, when used, put the grill on the countertop, and it can be used after power on.

The automatic barbecue table is made of stainless steel and uses charcoal fuel. When performing a smoke-free barbecue, you must choose a suitable occasion and venue, not only pay attention to the surrounding environmental hygiene, but also put safety in the first place. Please turn on the fan after you start the barbecue to exhaust smoke and cool down the oven. Estimate the product life cycle and saleable time of the barbecue table industry. Equipped with the firepower adjustment button, the firepower and the barbecue process can be adjusted independently according to the needs. It is not easy to burn the plate, and there is no need to change the plate during normal eating, and various foods can be roasted independently.

"Our effort can save them a lot of trouble; our effort is the greatest respect for them." On the afternoon of July 24, a barbecue restaurant on Yingshang Road launched such a "self-cleaning oil pollution proposal", calling for The colleagues did their own work to clean up the hard-to-clean barbecue oil, which relieved the burden on the sanitation workers.

Barbecue shops, especially outdoor food stalls, often operate until late at night. By the early hours of the next day, the sidewalks are covered with bamboo sticks, oil stains, and toilet paper, leaving the sanitation workers to "clean up the mess." The oily dirt that is difficult to clean must be put in caustic soda, and then cleaned by a large flush truck.

Before use, properly assemble the grill according to the assembly instructions (in fact, just unfold it), without covering the grill net, place a few small stones, pebbles, etc. scattered at the bottom of the grill box, and wait for the lighted grill carbon to be placed. In order to induce the burning and roasting of the charcoal, it will facilitate the air flow in the bottom of the mouth, which is easy to burn.

Use a lighter or a match to ignite the flammable carbon directly in the grill box. The ignition area is best to choose the middle position of the bottom of the grill carbon, because it will ignite quickly, and it will be an open flame when it is ignited. It is easy to burn your hands. Choose the fire area In the center of the bottom of the grilling charcoal can effectively avoid scalding your hands, and also help the burning point to gradually burn in all directions.

After the barbecue charcoal starts to burn with a light blue open flame, please let it burn for 30-60 seconds. When you see a large burning area, blow it out with air and then put it on a small stone prepared in advance to let it burn. If you feel that the fire area is less and there are more diners, you can ignite another piece of carbon as described above. After the carbon is burned, the grilled metal net is placed at this time, and the grilled food can be placed on the net for grilling.

After placing the food that needs to be grilled evenly in the center of the grilling net, one is to try to place it evenly so that the food is evenly heated; the other is to keep turning, if the fire is concentrated in the middle, it needs to be pumped back and forth to grill;https://www.evergrillw.com/