Can not ignore the safety of outdoor barbecue

- May 20, 2019-

With the arrival of summer, there are more people who are doing outdoor barbecues. However, it has been found that people are ignoring the most important safety issues while doing outdoor barbecues.

Some outdoor barbecuers, casually squatting on the street, no matter whether there is a safety hazard in the surrounding area, they set up a stove, smog and start a business, and will randomly put the oven and the seat in a random way. The phenomenon is very common. This not only affects the image of the city, but also seriously hinders the traffic, leaving many hidden dangers to the security incident. What is more serious is that there is still a problem of unlicensed operation, and relevant departments should strengthen supervision. Some people have gone to the forest areas, reservoir areas and other places where the country strictly prohibits barbecues, and they also carry out barbecues in a "fire" situation. The above-mentioned bad outdoor barbecue behavior not only brought a lot of inconvenience to others, but also laid a huge safety hazard for the occurrence of fires and traffic accidents, and some even suspected of breaking the law.

Therefore, the author reminds me that when conducting outdoor barbecues, we must choose the right occasions and venues, not only to pay attention to the surrounding environmental sanitation, but also to put safety first. In short, we cannot ignore the public interest and the existence of danger for our own convenience, interest or satisfying our own "taste".