Ceramic barbecue grill product description

- Jan 10, 2020-

Ceramic ovens appeared in the United States in 1974 and are common in major barbecue competitions in Europe and the United States. This oven has a firebox with a grill in the middle and a round oven lid. The thick stove wall can keep heat for a long time, and the sealed stove cover can make the food more moist and tender, which is very suitable for large, hard foods that need to be grilled for a long time, such as large pieces of meat and whole chicken. The food grilled by this oven can better retain the original flavor of the food.

The ceramic barbecue stove is a pot cooking technique inherited from ancient history. After our ancestors experience in barbecue, steaming, roasting and ventilation smoking. The ceramic barbecue grill uses a unique aesthetics based on this inheritance, high-quality metal accessories, ergonomics, safety and environmental protection performance, and its soft design characteristics. The ceramic barbecue grill also uses a unique suitable for all seasons. ceramics. Ceramic grills combine innovative ergonomics and set a new level in the design of charcoal grills.

Advantages of ceramic grill

1. It is an airtight container with thick wall, not easy to lose heat, fast heating, when it reaches a certain temperature, it has the functions of constant temperature, heat preservation and reflection temperature. It can "lock" food when grilling. The grilled food will not dry. Good taste!

It is suitable for "suffocating" large pieces of meat and "whole chicken". Compared with ordinary charcoal grills and gas stoves, it has the advantages of short time, thorough cooking, and energy saving. It is a roast pork elbow (German's favorite ) The best stove!

3. Because it is "smoked roast", the food is not easy to scorch. According to authoritative evaluation: The food "smoked roast" has less nutrient loss, and the food will not be "carbonized" and will not cause cancer. !

4. The barbecue oven is durable (one oven can be used for at least 5 years, and the cost of household expenses is low); easy to clean, many accessories, suitable for various cooking methods, can also have: roasting, stuffing, braising, steaming, cooking, etc. cooking method. And bake pizzas, burgers, hot dogs, etc. Chef's favorite!

5. It is an ancient barbecue method, the most traditional, safest and most natural! It is also a popular barbecue stove!