​Ceramic barbecue is popular all over the world

- Mar 04, 2020-

Ceramic barbecue stove is a closed container, with thick wall, heat is not easy to lose, and the temperature rises fast. When it reaches a certain temperature, it has the functions of constant temperature, heat preservation and reflection temperature. The food that can be "locked" in the barbecue will not dry and tastes good!
Ceramic barbecue is suitable for "stuffy" meat and "whole chicken". Compared with ordinary carbon oven and gas oven, it has the advantages of short time, thorough ripening and energy saving. It is the best stove for roasting pig elbow (German favorite)!
Because it is "smoldering", so the food is not easy to be burnt. According to the authoritative evaluation, "smoldering" produces less nutrition loss, and the food will not be "carbonized" and will not cause cancer. Therefore, it is a healthy and respected barbecue way!
Chinese food culture has a long history, and the national living standard is constantly improving. Modern people pay attention to nutrition, health and taste! Ceramic barbecue stove is very popular in the world, and has the potential to replace the traditional barbecue! And become the mainstream of modern outdoor and kitchen cookware, is the best choice for family, catering industry and gifts to relatives and friends in foreign countries!
Little lampblack during barbecue
The product is specially designed to prevent oil, gravy and sauce from dripping directly on the burner and effectively reduce oil smoke.
Easy to use
When using ceramic carbon, please put it in properly and ignite it. The advantage of ceramic carbon is that it can bake food in a short time, because ceramic carbon effectively conveys heat during the heating process (radiating and far infrared). And ceramic carbon will not smell when burning.
The ceramic barbecue stove scientifically and reasonably determines the relevant technical requirements of each process. It has the characteristics of fast, on-the-spot, low consumption, high yield, complete functions, simple operation, small land occupation, no oil smoke, no pollution and so on. It is suitable for barbecue and operation in shopping malls, supermarkets, markets, pedestrian streets, commercial streets and other places.https://www.evergrillw.com/