Ceramic grill product strengths

- Nov 25, 2019-

(1) Selecting the active active flipping system of the active grill, which does not require human operation, that is, it is baked, saving labor, convenient and fast.

(2) The new way of the fire track, the gas volume is adjusted at will, and the fire is too small to temper. The two-section fire channel planning, one section can be burned independently, and can also burn two sections at the same time, the speed is freely adjusted, and the gas is not wasted.

(3) Selecting the latest high-density honeycomb infrared plate, the thermal efficiency is higher and it is not easy to be broken.

(4) Selecting a tungsten-iron-chromium-aluminum wire mesh to make the fire eye more fine and the firepower more uniform.

(5) Selecting aerospace components for high-temperature cotton, the insulation and heat insulation performance is better, the full-active barbecue machine body is not tricky, the energy is not wasted, and the more energy-saving is more secure.

(6) Internal casting planning, canceling the second-generation glue-adhesive soil method, overcoming the shortcomings of the burning board, such as aging and falling, suffocating and smoldering, making this key part more robust and durable.

(7) Internal planning is more simplified and more spacious, and it is easier to repair the mouth.