Characteristics of ceramic grill

- May 29, 2020-

The ceramic grill is a closed container. The wall of the stove is thick, the heat is not easy to dissipate, and the temperature rises quickly. When it reaches a certain temperature, it has the functions of constant temperature, heat preservation, and reflective temperature. It can "lock" the food when grilling. , Great taste!

Small smoke when grilling

The product is specially planned to prevent oil, gravy, sauce, etc. from dripping directly onto the burner, effectively reducing oil fumes.

Simple and convenient to use

When using a ceramic grill, please put the ceramic carbon properly and burn it. The advantage of ceramic carbon is that it can cook food in a short time, because the ceramic carbon can effectively transmit heat during heating (radiation and far infrared ray ). And ceramic carbon will not smell when burning.

The ceramic barbecue stove scientifically and reasonably determines the relevant skill requirements of each process. It has the characteristics of fast, ready to sell, low consumption, high output, complete function, simple operation, small footprint, no oil smoke, no pollution, etc., suitable for shopping malls , Supermarkets, bazaars, pedestrian streets, commercial streets and other places for barbecue and operation.