Charcoal grill operating method

- Nov 08, 2019-

Charcoal grill features: easy to operate, multi-function: can be grilled skewers, fried meat, eat hot pot, can also flatten the table to eat Chinese food; not greasy, and then the food is also grilled with charcoal grilled food to make the food outside The crispness is tender, the taste is soft, the taste is delicious, the fan is controlled by a single table, and it is closed when not in use, which greatly saves the cost. The charcoal grill works on the principle of adding half of the ignited and half of the unburned charcoal during the barbecue. When adding fire, you only need to add raw carbon. According to the experiment, you can save about 60% of charcoal. It is simple, quick, saves time and effort, and has low cost and is easy to be demolished. Easy to install and easy to use, you can move the desktop as you like. The internal device is not easy to damage. There is no need to install the exhaust pipe inside the air purification system. Just install the oven on the fireproof desktop and connect it to the power supply. This reduces the cost of the facilities and the decoration, because the meat will not stick to the baking tray. Therefore, it is not necessary to change the baking tray frequently, the exhaust pipe is in the clear place, and the cleaning and maintenance is convenient and simple. In the use of charcoal grills, air conditioners can also be used. The air conditioners are cooled after convection and the hot air is discharged. In the process, most of the grills do not open air conditioners, and the new charcoal grills can prevent air pollution. It also effectively purifies part of the air, so turning on the fan and air conditioner will not pollute the air. Because it can purify the air very clean and hygienic, it will not lick the oil to the guests' clothes and will not have the smell of oil, so that the guests can enjoy the food in a neat and comfortable atmosphere. The exhaust pipe is in the clear place, and the cleaning and maintenance is convenient and simple. The fire control knob can be adjusted according to the needs of the firepower and the barbecue process. It is not easy to smash the tray. It does not need to be changed when it is eaten normally, and it can be baked independently. The working principle and operation method of charcoal grill are very simple. As people's lives continue to enrich, the love of barbecue products is getting deeper and deeper.