Charcoal Grill or Gas Grill for whole lamb grill

- Dec 11, 2019-

The charcoal grill uses charcoal as the fuel for roasting whole lamb. Its advantages are: 1. The temperature is high, which is suitable for roasting large pieces of ingredients such as whole lamb, lamb leg and lamb chops; 2. It is dry and not easy to steam. , Full of flavor; 3, suitable for smoked roasting, domestic consumers are slightly unfamiliar with smoked roasting, that is, when roasting, with fruit wood or wine barrel wood, low temperature, long-term roast meat, the roasted meat is smoked The beauty is also slightly fruity or winey. The disadvantages are that the charcoal is slow to ignite and requires real-time attention to the firepower, and the charcoal trough needs to be cleaned after the whole lamb is roasted.

The Gas Grill uses gas as fuel, and its advantages are: 1. the furnace is clean, less oily fumes, and no need to clean the char. 3. Ignition is quick, it can be started with the press of a button, and it can maintain a constant temperature for several hours. The disadvantage is that it is inconvenient to use outdoors. Before each use, you need to ensure that the gas tank, air pipe, and igniter are not damaged, otherwise you cannot find a professional to solve the problem outdoors; and the food cooked by gas can never match the flavor of open fire unique.