Classification of slide in double side burners

- Jul 22, 2019-

Slide in double side burners can be divided into two categories: thermal convection heating and infrared heating. The dome of the embedded bilateral furnace reflects most of the convective heat back to the food surface. The outside of the food absorbs most of the heat from the bottom and then transfers heat to the food through heat transfer.


Hot convection grill:

Most gas ovens are hot convection. There is usually a heat spreader on the stove that protects against grease dripping and more even heat distribution. Most gas ovens use inverted V-shaped metal discs as heat spreaders. The burner and drip protector produce a small amount of infrared radiant heat and a large amount of convective heat.


Infrared gas oven:

More and more new designs are available to make efficient use of plates made of ceramics and metals on top of gas burners. The plates absorb heat and are radiated in the infrared. It can be hotter than ordinary thermal convection, reaching 260 - 371 degrees Celsius.


The air in the infrared oven is not so dry, meaning that there is less moisture on the surface of the food. In addition, the surface of the radiation is particularly close to the food, and the dripping juice can be burned immediately and then directly applied to the meat. This not only increases the flavor, but also does not catch fire. Unfortunately, on infrared ovens, it is difficult to form a dual zone.


Gas tanks or natural gas: you need to choose between the two, the most popular is liquefied propane. If you use natural gas, you need to fix it in one place. Natural gas comes into the gas state at home, so it is more effective than propane in winter, and liquid propane must first be converted into gas.


Advantages of natural gas:


1, probably only 20% of the price


2, do not have to gas


3, will not use the loss of gas


Ignition system:


Two ignition systems, electronic ignition and pressure ignition. In addition, in case the ignition system fails, the grill can preferably be manually ignited. If the igniter is broken, you can stuff it into a wood match or ignite. Occasionally it will be bad.