Correct choice of charcoal

- Nov 01, 2019-

Block charcoal

Nowadays, the manufacturing process of block charcoal is usually to stack the layers of wood, bury it in the pit, cover it with the soil of the metal plate, and ignite the wood. After a few days of smoldering, the flame is extinguished due to insufficient oxygen. In the process, water, plant juice and Other volatiles are burned out, leaving only pure charcoal, the well-known charcoal.

Grilling with chunky charcoal is a fun experience filled with exciting excitement and challenges. When charcoal begins to burn, Mars will explode with Mars. When it burns to the highest temperature of charcoal, it will make a small popping sound because the charcoal contains gas inside. The block charcoal heats up very quickly. Generally, the temperature of the grilled food is reached in 10-15 minutes. Usually, the surface of the food is baked to brown in a few seconds. The food baked with this charcoal also has the unique fragrance of wood. .

Usually this scent comes from the fact that a single charcoal material is relatively pure, such as a pea tree or an oak tree. However, in many cases, the blocky charcoal usually mixes several hardwoods, such as oak, walnut, maple, and even some tropical trees from South America and Asia. In terms of aroma, the difference between different hardwood charcoals is subtle, although not as big as apples and oranges, but like the differences between different varieties of apples.

Once a piece of charcoal reaches the highest point of burning, it quickly reduces heat, usually within 30 minutes of the barbecue temperature falling from high to medium temperature. Therefore, if you want to maintain a certain temperature for cooking, you should pay attention to the timely supplement of charcoal.

Hardwood mechanism charcoal

For convenience, many coal companies crush charcoal when making charcoal and press it into a small pillow shape with a binder (usually natural starch). Mechanism charcoal without other additives is usually labeled as “natural” or “hardwood”, which burns almost as fast as lumpy charcoal and, of course, burns out as easily. The advantage of this mechanism of charcoal is the uniformity of size and shape, which can form a uniform heating source during grilling, while the block charcoal of different shapes may be unevenly heated.

Kingsford Mechanism Charcoal

The most widely used charcoal in the United States is Kingsford brand charcoal. Kingsford will coke (a kind of soft coal that can increase heat and prolong the time), graphite (a type of hard coal that can increase heat for longer), limestone (a type of sedimentary rock that exhibits black and white ash that will appear white after burning coal) Ashes), corn starch and crushed charcoal blend. Recently, the company has introduced a mechanism charcoal with a grooved design that can heat up more quickly and reach the grilling temperature in 15 minutes. This kind of coal produces more heat, longer burning time, and gives the baked food a little smoky flavor than block charcoal and ordinary mechanical charcoal.