Correct use of bbq Grill

- May 25, 2019-

1. After the item is placed in the box, close the glass door and the outer door, and open the wind top flap on the top of the box;

2. Then turn on the power, turn on the temperature selection switch, the grade is generally, use the temperature below 100 °C to open a file, 100 °C to open the second gear, 150 °C to open the third gear, 200 °C to open the fourth gear, to achieve the setting After the temperature is adjusted to the first or second gear;

3. Turn on the blower switch and the blower starts to work;

4. Turn the thermostat rotation knob clockwise to the desired setting temperature (the scale on the adjustment scale is for reference only). The red indicator light is on, indicating heating, until the red light is off, and the green light is on, indicating that the heating stops. Waiting for red, the green light automatically repeats, indicating constant temperature, depending on the temperature of the wind top thermometer, the regulator is repeatedly adjusted to the required temperature.