Everyone should be familiar with charcoal Korean BBQ

- Sep 30, 2020-

Everyone should be familiar with charcoal Korean BBQ. The taste is the most authentic and very good. That is, the frequency of changing the grill pan and grilling net is relatively high, and it is more troublesome to make charcoal.

Generally, charcoal barbecue stoves need to be exhausted, of course, there are also self-selling smoke, (the self-selling smoke will still leave about 20% of the smoke, which can be basically eliminated by indoor ventilation devices such as exhaust fans), Generally, charcoal Korean barbecue grills are divided into upper exhaust and lower exhaust. The price of upper exhaust is relatively low, and the price of lower exhaust is relatively high. The difference in price is only the grill and exhaust pipe. Ceramic grill

The carbonization furnace uses a self-produced gas furnace as the heat source, uses methane gas to pass through the cyclone, and the air is distributed into the burner. The exit temperature of the burner can reach 800℃~1200℃, and its flow rate can reach 3~5 meters per second. When heating at the periphery of the combustion chamber, please note: When heating, the furnace temperature is 100℃~150℃, which is the maximum moisture in the furnace. When every kilogram of raw material rod enters the kiln, 4-8% moisture is brought in. 1700kg raw material can be brought Into more than 100 kilograms of water, these moisture is the enemy of carbonization, because the machine-made carbon raw material rods are most afraid of being damp, and they will be crushed into powder when they are damp, which will seriously affect the quality of carbonization. Therefore, the moisture drainage system is an indispensable key. The tide time is 1 to 1.5 hours. When the furnace temperature in the carbonization chamber rises to 300°C, a large amount of combustible gas is produced in the furnace. In theory, three cubic meters of methane gas can be produced per kilogram of raw materials. These gases can be used for carbonization to heat up and dry. The heat source is used, and the furnace temperature can be adjusted at will. Low-temperature charcoal is generally above 400°C (can be completed in 8 hours), and high-temperature charcoal is above 600°C (completed in 10 hours).

Volcanic stone barbecue is a barbecue method that is emerging all over the world. Volcanic rocks come from the depths of the earth’s crust. Due to the extremely high temperature in the deep crust, volcanic rocks exist in the form of volcanic magma. As the volcano erupts, the magma also spews out of the ground. It begins to condense when it encounters water or low temperature. With the entry of air, the magma that has gradually become solid forms a large number of bubbles inside, and after complete solidification, a unique volcanic rock is formed.

Volcanic rock barbecue uses gas or natural gas as fuel, and utilizes the excellent thermal conductivity, stability and strong adsorption capacity of volcanic rock to make the food evenly heated during the barbecue process and greatly improve the efficiency. At the same time, since the heating fuel is canned gas or natural gas, there is no need to worry about food being contaminated by carbon black or the ashes produced by the burning of charcoal.https://www.evergrillw.com/