Features of barbecue grill

- Aug 21, 2020-

The maintenance of the usual oven:

1. The grill should be kept clean, and there should be no grilled food or charcoal grease

2. Place the grill in a ventilated and dry place

3. Cover the grill hood

4. Don't put heavy objects on the grill

5. The grilling net can be coated with a layer of cooking oil to prevent rust

The grill should be a Ming-style, smoke-free, direct-style electric grill. First of all, it should be a Ming-style grill, otherwise, there will be no fun of visible grilling. It is not a grill, but just a grill box. Second, it should be a smokeless grill, because the home cannot tolerate exhaust gas and oil smoke. Of course, it should be a direct grill, otherwise it would be a teppanyaki and a deep fryer. To meet the above requirements, only electric grills can be used. The household barbecue grill does not need to light a fire, and it is convenient to turn on the electricity. In addition to holding barbecue banquets, it is also very convenient to use frequently in daily life. Barbecue pits are not only used to hold barbecue banquets, but also can be used everywhere in daily life.  Barbecue function   1, can be used to make breakfast, bake some bread, fried dough sticks, steamed buns, bait, glutinous rice cakes, rice cakes, baked it has a special flavor! With milk, soy milk, and rice porridge, a wonderful breakfast becomes a pleasant breakfast, isn’t it? Generally, the above barbecue does not need to clean the stove, which is trouble-free and convenient. 2. At dinner, it is not difficult to grill one or two dishes with it. Roast a few skewers of meat, grill a fish, grill two pieces of stinky tofu, or grill three chicken wings, or grill a plate of melon and a few leeks. , It is very convenient to roast an eggplant or a big spicy pepper for cold salad. 3. For the catering industry: as long as you are on the street, grill some lamb skewers, roast tofu, milk fans, and sell them as snacks, and can be used to make special dishes during dinner, such as grilled fish, grilled stinky tofu, grilled steak, pork chops..., Delicious and unique, it can be worthy of the role of a chef. The introduction of harmless barbecued food will definitely be popular.  4. Home snacks, midnight snacks: grilled milk fans, dried beans, roasted tofu, ham sausage... You can cook as snacks or midnight snacks as long as you want. There are hundreds of foods that can be barbecued, you can do whatever you want, and after you have tried countless foods, you are a chef, a chef.   This kind of barbecue grill has just come out, but it has not been recognized by the majority of people.

The biggest feature of the grill is that it can grill and fry food at the same time, or use one of its functions separately. Exquisite design, easy installation, popular styles in Europe and America, suitable for multi-person outdoor or family gatherings, adding fun

Direct grilling: Put the carbon in the center of the carbon rack of the grill, and put vegetables and meat directly on the grill for grilling;

Indirect grilling: ignite the wood charcoal and place it on the two ends of the carbon rack, put vegetables and meat in the center of the grilling net, cover the stove cover and cook the food by smoking and braising.https://www.evergrillw.com/