Features of Stainless Steel Charcoal Barbecue Grill

- Feb 04, 2021-

The gas smokeless barbecue machine is different from the charcoal barbecue machine. The gas barbecue machine does not need the smoke exhaust system of the charcoal barbecue machine to achieve smokeless barbecue. It is the oil and ingredients produced by the barbecued food during the barbecue process. In the water tank at the bottom of the fuselage, water is used for smokeless treatment. This is incomparable to charcoal barbecue and electric barbecue. 2: The gas barbecue machine can freely and arbitrarily adjust the fire temperature, and the combustion heats up quickly. 3: The fat produced during grilling falls off immediately, without repeated infiltration of fat, and the food is evenly heated with less fat, and the taste of the grill is really beautiful.