Features of stainless steel grill

- Jun 26, 2020-

The stainless steel barbecue net is now one of the barbecues for barbecue restaurants, and it is also used by many individual users. Because of its advantages of not rusting and environmental protection and health, it attracts more people to use it, trusting to follow people’s lives The progress of the level and awareness of environmental protection and health, when eating barbecue, will use stainless steel grills, and galvanized grills will gradually withdraw from the stage of previous history

One of the first products produced is this kind of grilling net. In our factory, there are two kinds of grilling nets made of stainless steel raw materials, one is a rectangular mesh and the other is a grilling clip. The size of the rectangular mesh is 25*50cm and 25*60cm. The side wire is 3.5mm thick. The mesh is also woven by the crimped mesh machine. The wire diameter is 1.0mm thick.

Because these two standard meshes are commonly used, the inventory is relatively large. If other standards are required, they can generally be customized. For example, the 15*20cm made a few days ago can also be produced. The other is the standard of mesh clips, which is more common. Generally, the two handles and two buckles are directly welded using the rectangular mesh mentioned above.

In addition, the mesh of the welding wire is welded in a square shape with horizontal and vertical wires. The process of the frame and the handle is basically the same. Another thing is that the mesh wire used is rectangular mesh, as long as the vertical wire, the two ends of the vertical wire are welded to the frame separately, this is also a kind of mesh clip. The size of the mesh clip and the size of the wire diameter are too much, such as square wire 4.0mm, wire 2.0mm, etc., various standards are basically available from stock, and can also be customized according to customer requirements.https://www.evergrillw.com/