Gas oven tips

- Oct 21, 2019-

1. When using a gas grill, be sure to use it in a well ventilated environment. Barbecueing in a confined environment can easily endanger human health by poisoning gases such as carbon monoxide.

2. If possible, a gas grill equipped with a side stove can be selected. In this way, while using the barbecue area to grill delicious food, you can also use the side stove to boil water, soup, noodles, and tea, so as to have a better leisure experience.

3. Carefully choose the gas tank and gas hose

Many people will worry that the gas tank used in gas grills is like an untimely bomb. Especially the news of various gas tank explosions in recent years is daunting. In fact, the quality of the stoves using gas tank fuels is The control is very strict, and it is through layers of safety tests such as air tightness, water pressure and blasting test. The probability of leakage explosion is as small as that of the 100 million lottery tickets. The real unsafe factor is not the gas tank itself, the main reason is the air leakage caused by the unscrewing of the coil valve and the pressure regulating valve, and the second is the air leakage caused by the damage of the air pipe.