Grill classification and characteristics

- Nov 13, 2019-

The grill is a barbecue device that can be used to make kebabs, barbecues and other grilled foods. Outdoor grills can be divided into three types: charcoal grills, gas ovens and electric ovens. Among them, gas ovens and electric ovens are popular with no fumes and no pollution to products. Common types of grills on the market include apple stoves, rectangular furnaces, stoves, and the like. Grills are classified into carbon ovens, gas grills, electric grills and microwave grills and solar grills.


The biggest feature of the grill is that it can be grilled and fried at the same time, or it can be used alone. The design is exquisite, easy to install, and it is popular in Europe and America. It is suitable for many people in the wild or family gatherings, adding fun.

Direct barbecue: Put the carbon in the center of the carbon rack of the grill, and put the vegetables, meat, etc. directly on the grill.

Indirect barbecue: After the wood carbon is ignited, it is placed on both ends of the carbon frame, and the vegetables, meat, etc. are placed in the center of the grilling net, and the lid is covered with the smoked pot to cook the food.