How to buy a gas grill

- Oct 16, 2019-

1. Cost

Cost: The first key to buying an oven is the cost! The guiding principle here is simple, absolutely: "You get what you pay for!" A price range of about $150 to $500. But there are also $25,000 or more. So, you should decide how much you want and stick to it.


2. Fuel source

Fuel source: The second thing to buy when you buy a gas grill is fuel. As part of your reference, you have to ask yourself if you like a propane tank or a natural gas line. Many of the lower-priced grills do not have the option of natural gas, although more and more stores are available in recent years. If you choose natural gas, please note that natural gas requires a natural gas pipeline at your grill location. But you can't run a propane tank on a gas oven or run a gas on a propane oven. Many lower-priced ovens do not have the option of natural gas, although more and more stores have offered this option in recent years. Here are some ideas for the cost of some natural gas conversion kits between $30 and $80. The advantage is that the cost of natural gas is relatively small in the long run.

3, structural material

The next key point is the material. The main body of the grill is usually made of cast aluminum, sheet, cast iron, steel or stainless steel. Be careful with a stainless steel gas grill. Although stainless steel is the preferred material for professional cooking equipment, it is the most expensive. Please note that not all stainless steels are the same. One thing to note is not just the structure, but also the framework. There are a lot of so-called stainless steel ovens, in fact the frame is steel will rust. Once you have decided on the material, see how the entire grill is connected, is it welded or bolted? Is it all stainless steel? Which kind of stainless steel? Try using a magnet to determine the quality of the stainless steel. Interestingly, higher quality stainless steel is lighter in weight and has a higher nickel to chromium ratio and less magnetic.

Tip: Some manufacturers want to save cost and weight! Cast aluminum, especially for the main body, is usually doped with some stainless steel.


4, size and space

Size: Once you have identified the first three items, the next step is to choose the size and needs you want. Think about where you will put the grill, what to bake, and how many people usually eat.


5, characteristics

The next step is to choose the features of the new gas grill. Ask your own preferences.

Tip: The grill function requires extra cost! Just buy the extra features you really need and you will actually use it. If you want to spend some extra money, I suggest you buy a grill cover and a cleaning brush. These two things can not only be used alone, but they can also increase the life of your gas grill.


6, BTU British fever

Another key point is the BTU rating of the gas oven. This is a measure of the amount of heat generated by the heating element or burner. An oven with a higher BTU does not necessarily need to generate more heat, but the rule of thumb is to fight for at least 40,000 BTU. The heat of polymerization produced is a factor of heat generation, the size and material composition and thickness of the oven and how it preserves and disperses the heat. Don't buy a grill that is based only on high BTU. Compare size, material and shape of the oven.