How to choose a good quality smokeless grill

- May 15, 2019-

1. The first is the material of the electric grill. This part is divided into two parts. The main part is the main part of the smokeless grill, such as the stove body and the upper cover. This part is to ensure the durability of the Korean smokeless grill. Most of them use 430 stainless steel, which is commonly called stainless iron. Good brands (such as Spicy Cool Grill) use 304 stainless steel. Even these brands will use 430 stainless steel, but that Just to enrich some cheap products, it will not be the mainstream of Korean barbecue products. The weight of the Spicy Cool Grill is 10KG, which is 3.5KG more than the average smokeless electric baking equipment on the market. This weight fully proves the superiority of the material of the Spicy Cool Smokeless Grill.

2, there is the material of the barbecue equipment, here is the thickness of the smokeless grill material, the same product can have different thickness, this is the place where the production enterprise is the easiest to speculate in order to control the cost, it is easy to take the first sight The upper cover is seen: the manufacturing process of the upper cover, the material thickness, and the material used for the material affect the overall appearance and airtightness of the Korean barbecue oven, which can be observed by the naked eye, and the upper cover is also the overall appearance of the electric grill. The most striking part, the conventional comparison method is to observe whether it is a double-layer cover, and whether the assembly process is dense, the material is too thin, and the groove can be pressed by hand! And the surface of the upper cover can be seen on the side, and the appearance is impossible to talk about.

3, or material, the material mentioned here is the core component of the smokeless electric grill, the burning lamp, here is the high temperature part, it is also the safe use of the grill, and it is also the key to the uniform heating of the barbecue area. The material and design of the heating lamp are directly related to the service life of the Korean smokeless barbecue equipment. This is the core component of the grill. The design of the burner and the corrugated mesh covering it directly affects the quality of the grilled food. The most reasonable design can ensure that the electricity cost can be saved, and the upper baking tray can be evenly heated, and the food is fresh and delicious. Inferior lamp, the durability is very poor, "Spicy Cool Grill" uses a far-infrared lamp! Generally, the smokeless barbecue equipment uses ordinary halogen tubes, which are invisible in the Spicy Cool Grill. The Spicy Cool Grills all use the far-infrared tubes of professional barbecue imported from South Korea. I believe that you have already reached a conclusion when you see it here.

4, baking pan, the baking pan seen on the market is mostly rough iron tray, for the control of labor costs, processing is simple, sacrificing the high-grade of the grill, "Me spicy barbecue grill" is made of aluminum alloy The baking sheet of the maifan stone structure makes the product more noble, the non-stick pan when the barbecue is cooked, and the surface of the maibu stone structure does not stick to the barbecue when it is grilled, this is the "spicy cool far infrared grill" and ordinary The difference in electric grills. Brand-name products will always showcase the luxury and luxury of brand name in any part of the product. Another thing is that the baking tray also needs surface treatment, and it also needs to pass the food safety testing certification.

5, The box: the box is a lot of barbecue stove to save the production of the part, but the reasonable design of the box and high-quality materials, can be convenient for customers to store, to ensure that the body is not easy to deform, the beauty of the cool grill is the standard 16CM, It is more convenient to use than the ordinary electric oven with a height of 12CM on the market, because the height of the grill is only high enough to easily take out the oil pan.

6, power (BTU / H value): the thermal efficiency of the product can not be seen simply to see the power of the smokeless barbecue, the power of the burner is a very important factor, the design of Korean barbecue equipment can save fuel, reduce unnecessary Energy consumption while maximizing its own BTU! The "Spicy Cool Grill" has a power of only 980w and less than one kilowatt per hour. However, the heating rate is particularly blocky. Maximize thermal efficiency