How to choose a practical, high quality barbecue grill

- Sep 06, 2019-

Working mode 

There are two types of household barbecue grill on the market that sell the most, one is a charcoal barbecue grill, and the other is an electric barbecue grill that uses infrared heating. 

The charcoal barbecue grill is usually suitable for use in the courtyard, because the fumes will be relatively large, and the bulk is not suitable for use in the home.

If you use it in your home, it is recommended to buy a far-infrared heating barbecue grill. It is small in size and can be placed directly on the table. It is about the same size as the electric ceramic stove. When the barbecue grill is small, it can be used directly. It's easy to use and doesn't get in the way.

2. See the number of people selected

Many home barbecue barbecue grill are available in sizes. Usually we choose a barbecue grill that is set between 4 and 6 people. Even if a friend comes to dinner, don't worry about eating enough.

Mainly based on the number of people in their own homes, friends gatherings are usually chat-based, so you don't have to buy a big barbecue.

3. Barbecue grill material 

The barbecue grill of the home barbecue grill is made of two materials, iron and stainless steel.

Iron barbecue barbecue grill don't last long, so stainless steel is the most durable. When buying, pay attention to whether the coating on the barbecue grill meets food-grade hygiene standards.

After all, the barbecue grill is the only place to be in direct contact with food, and it is more convenient to clean after coating.

4. Oven volume 

Since it is a barbecue barbecue grill for home, try to choose the right size. It’s too much to use it once or twice at the same time. It’s too much trouble to move in and out.

It is best to choose a medium size. Use it directly like a hot pot to start a barbecue tour.

5. The degree of soot 

The problem of choosing a suitable soot is still worth paying attention to. After all, no one wants to eat a barbecue after a barbecue. The sofa carpet in the house is full of barbecue smoke, which is really annoying. 

Therefore, you should choose a small household barbecue grill with a small amount of smoke, and you don't have to worry about the smog when you eat it. You can even put it into the cheerful atmosphere of the barbecue.

6. Temperature 

You can find out at the time of purchase how much the maximum temperature of this barbecue grill can reach, usually better than 200 °. 

And you can first understand what is the function of this barbecue grill, the most important thing to choose.

7. Edible oil flow direction 

The barbecue process will definitely be accompanied by the outflow of oil. At this time, pay attention to the flow of excess cooking oil. 

If it is a barbecue grill on the baking tray, the oil will always swim around the barbecue grilled food. This oil will not go out and the food will be greasy. 

Try to choose the barbecue grill with the barbecue grill. This will match the oil pan. The excess cooking oil can drip onto the oil pan. It will not cause the food to be soaked with cooking oil, and it will taste more fragrant.

8. Power 

The higher the power of normal household appliances, the higher the efficiency of electrical appliances. 

Appropriately, you can choose a high-powered home barbecue grill, which makes the barbecue grill work more powerful and the barbecue grilling speed is faster. And with high temperature, food can lock in moisture and taste more delicious.