How to choose outdoor barbecue

- Jul 29, 2020-

1. Look at the main material, which is divided into two parts. The first is the main parts of the barbecue grill or grill, such as the furnace body, the upper cover, etc. This part is to ensure the durability of the barbecue grill. Most of the market uses stainless steel materials, also known as stainless iron, good The brand uses stainless steel, and even some of these brands will use stainless steel products, but that is just to enrich some cheap products, it will not be the main material of the product.

2. Looking at the material of the accessories, here is the thickness of the material. The same product can have different thicknesses. This is the most easy place for the production enterprise to control the cost. Take the upper cover that is easy to see at first glance. : The manufacturing process of the upper cover, the thickness of the materials, the materials used, affect the overall appearance and tightness of the stove, which can be observed by the naked eye, and the upper cover of the grill is also the most eye-catching part of the overall appearance of the grill, conventional The comparison method is to observe whether it is a double-layer upper cover, and whether the assembly process is dense, the material is too thin, and the groove will appear when you press it by hand! And the surface of the upper cover can be seen concave and convex on the side, so it is impossible to talk about the beauty. Understand, to put it simply, look at the weight of the grill, if the grill is too light, the service life is not long.

3. Looking at the grill material, most of the grills on the market are grills arranged horizontally and vertically. In order to control labor costs, the processing is simple, sacrificing the high effect of grills and grills, and partly uses wavy grills. , Makes the product more noble, this is the difference between brand-name products and general products. Famous brand barbecue grills will always show the nobleness and luxury of the famous brand in any part of the product. There is also the need for surface treatment of grilled nets, also need to pass food safety testing and certification.

4. Power: The thermal efficiency of the barbecue grill cannot be viewed simply by looking at the number of burners. The power of the burner is a very important factor. The well-designed burner can save fuel, reduce unnecessary energy consumption, and improve its own efficiency Maximize play.