How to choose the location of the outdoor barbecue grill

- Apr 27, 2020-

1. Choice of venue

Prepare food, seasonings, and stoves to barbecue in the wild. Not all fields are suitable for barbecue, choose a place with good scenery and convenient transportation. Barbecue is forbidden in some forest areas and reservoir areas, which need to be understood in advance. When choosing the site, pay special attention to safety, fire prevention, no shrubs or excessive trees around the barbecue site, and no flammable materials around the downdraft. Also be careful not to choose places with more mosquitoes. Do not choose to grill in closed places such as caves and rooms to prevent carbon monoxide poisoning.

2. Choice of location

Oven should be placed in a relatively flat place, and the air door should be at the upper air outlet. Ignition of charcoal and machine-made carbon is not easy. You can pile up carbon and add combustion aids, and then burn the carbon and then spread it. If conditions permit, light a bonfire, put the carbon in the fire, wait for the carbon to burn completely, then take it out and put it in the grill. If you use a bonfire to attract carbon, don't forget to bring an engineer shovel. When spreading carbon, it must be spread evenly to ensure uniform firepower. Don't rush to roast after the carbon burns, first roast the net and wait for the carbon to be completely red, that is, burn completely before starting to roast. When grilling outdoor barbecue grills, please pay attention not to stand at the downwind. The smoke will come out and the flying Mars will easily burn people.