How to choose the right barbecue grill for outdoor barbecue

- Sep 07, 2020-

Barbecue is a casual outdoor gathering activity that more and more people like. Find a weekend and invite friends and family to have a barbecue in your own garden or in the beautiful lakes and mountains. Outdoor gatherings are a great thing. There are two types of outdoor barbecue grills that are currently popular. One is the traditional charcoal grill. The biggest advantage of using charcoal grilling is that you can add herbs, wood chips or other spices to it to make the smoke smell good and make it grilled. The food becomes more delicious. The biggest disadvantage is that the charcoal itself and the remaining ashes after burning are relatively dirty, and it takes time to clean. One is the gas-fired oven that has become popular in recent years. The gas oven heats up quickly and is pollution-free, which can meet the barbecue needs of large gatherings. As the saying goes, fish and bear's paw can't have both, it takes a little effort to enjoy the delicious food. Do you know how to choose the right barbecue grill?

Choose according to the size of the grill. Certainly some people think that the smaller the portable, the better, but the factor of the number of barbecues must also be considered. Therefore, when purchasing, you can determine the type of barbecue according to the general number of barbecues, so that everyone can eat a delicious barbecue.

Purchase according to material. Barbecue grills on the market are made of various materials, and the prices are different. It is not necessary to buy expensive ones, but the service life of iron grills is definitely not very long. The common ones are cast iron stoves, stainless steel stoves, and cold rolled steel sheets. , Iron is not very durable and easy to rust, and most people rarely choose to buy it. The stainless steel oven is light in weight, but due to its own material, the stainless steel oven is mostly monotonous silver. It is difficult to clean after burning and is easy to deform; if you want a stylish and solid oven, Then the cold-rolled sheet steel oven that can be designed with various high-temperature coatings on the surface is definitely the first choice, such as this barbecue family product in the picture.

Whether with oil guide and anti-smoke device. When grilling, we will apply oil to the food, and the meat will drip oil. When the oil drips on high-temperature objects, it will smoke, and the smoke will produce bad taste when it touches the food. Therefore, the stove should have a certain design to catch the oil, and then let the oil flow out of the stove.

How to choose a suitable barbecue grill when going to barbecue outdoors? In summary, I will summarize the points mentioned above. Friends who like the outdoors, I hope they can serve as a reference.