How to choose the right ceramic grill

- Jul 31, 2020-

The importance of grill accessories in the use of grills

The ceramic barbecue oven currently mainly depends on the developed ceramic industry and rich ceramic minerals. The outdoor barbecue oven is a closed container. The furnace wall is thick, the heat is not easy to dissipate, and the temperature rises quickly. When it reaches a certain temperature, it has the functions of constant temperature, heat preservation, and reflective temperature. , The ceramic grill can "lock" the food when grilling. The food that is baked will not dry, and the taste is good! Handle with care during transportation, do not turn it upside down, place it under heavy pressure, or shake violently to avoid damage. If the infrared burning plate of the smokeless grill appears due to severe vibration and bumps, please do not panic. Just restore the board and you can slightly remove the round hole iron plate used to catch the board, and put the hollow cylinder head of the board into it. Yes, you can also drop the screw in the middle of the board, put the hollow cylinder head of the board into the round hole iron plate, and then fix the screw. The gas grill series all use low pressure valves, and it is forbidden to use medium pressure valves or high pressure valves. The grill grid on the top of the smokeless grill is of wire structure. During the long-term high-temperature grilling process, the physical reaction of thermal expansion and contraction will occur, becoming slightly soft, or slightly distorted, which is normal. The ceramic grill manufacturer said that it should be checked whether it is connected to the canned liquefied petroleum gas pipeline and whether it is firmly connected before use.