How to eat barbecue will be healthy and not fat?

- May 15, 2019-

Barbecue should be healthy (healthy food), the first step is of course to know how to choose food. Many people barbecued their favorite chicken wings, but a chicken wing, there are 150 calories, one barbecue, four from five, so you have taken 600 calories, which is equivalent to two bowls of rice, you want to taste the roast chicken flavor, you may wish to choose chicken扒 or chicken fillet can be a better substitute.

As for the "head plate" of the barbecue, everyone naturally associates with the quick and convenient intestines, but don't look down on this young man, an ordinary chicken sausage, the calories are 90 calories, and in recent years, the more popular cheese sausage, a small strip is up to 115 There are so many calories, in fact, the reason why the heat of the intestines is broken is that they are given by the fat and internal organs. At the same time, there are many artificial pigments, so it is really less food. To taste the fast and "lightweight" starter, you may wish to choose meatballs. Although the salt of the meatballs is high, it is always healthier than the intestines. However, when purchasing, fish balls or beef balls that are not fried with oil (oil food) are the better choice. Never choose squid balls or tribute pills. The first two are only 100 calories, but the latter two have 150 calories. .

The chicken wings are very high in calories and should be replaced by chicken or chicken.

There are 65 calories per spoonful of honey, be careful!

Principle 2 Beware of Sweet Trap

When you are grilling, you want to add delicious food. Many people love to apply honey on barbecue food. Sometimes it is not enough to buy two bottles of honey. Because some people love the sweet taste, honey added over and over again, but did not expect a spoonful of honey has 65 calories, greatly increasing the intake of calories! In fact, I want to add flavor to the food and want to be healthy. The nutritionist recommends that you apply a honey candy. After that, you can choose black pepper powder, mustard and other natural seasonings (condiment food) to increase the food. taste.

Principle 3 makes good use of the "protective cover"

After all, it is not healthy to grill food. Because meat is directly burned at high temperatures, the decomposed fat is dripped on charcoal, and then combined with meat protein (protein food), it will produce a kind of benzo The carcinogens of cockroaches have the opportunity to stick to the food. Therefore, it is recommended that you only use some food for barbecue. Others can try the "anti-traditional" method. After the food is wrapped in tin foil and heated, the chance of carcinogenesis can be greatly reduced.

In addition, cutlery, scissors, etc. are also important "helpers" of BBQ. When you are grilling, you will be acquainted with yourself, while you are on the barbecue, you will not be wary. Half of the sausages are burnt. The charred part contains carcinogens. You can’t put it in your stomach, but you don’t want to waste it. You can use scissors to cut it. The focal part. At the same time, scissors can also be used to cut off the fat of the food, killing two birds with one stone.

Wrapped vegetables in tinfoil (vegetable food) are heated and healthy, which can reduce the production of carcinogens.

Sweet potato is rich in fiber and is also easy to eat. It is also a healthy choice for barbecue.

Principle 4 Food Diversification

The barbecue is not necessarily the meat, the grain (grain food), the vegetables are also burning. The best choice for healthy barbecues of cereals (cereals) is, of course, the burning of corn, which is not only golden and delicious, but also full of stomach. In addition, sweet potato is also a good choice, rich in cellulose (cellulose food), beneficial to the intestines. The hot baked, crispy buns are easy to enter, but avoid adding a lot of honey!

As for the ready-made barbecue bag, the meat in it contains a lot of marinade, so it is best to prepare it yourself, using natural seasonings such as fresh onions, garlic, and peppers, which are healthy and delicious. When choosing meat, you may choose to eat more seafood, including crab, shrimp, tape, fish, etc. The cooking method can put the seafood into tin foil, and after cooking, add a small amount of oyster sauce, which is delicious. For the vegetables that can be burned, choose Yudo, the preferred bell pepper, and the broccoli, tomatoes, and golden mushrooms are also good. Wrap any sliced vegetables in tin foil and put them in the grill for 3 to 5 minutes.