How to keep the grill net clean

- Dec 13, 2019-

A common method of maintaining a grill net when grilling is to use a stainless steel grill net. In particular, even a stainless steel grill net only prevents rust, not prevents grilling, so black charcoal grills appear. The marks are normal, including the galvanized grill nets, they just added preservatives to the surface of the grill nets instead of fire retardants.

The way to keep the grill nets from getting dark when exposed to open flames is to block the open flames from the grill nets with something to keep them out of direct contact. How can this be done? For barbecue grills, a common and safe method is to use tin foil, and then use the entire wrapping of the foil. The flame directly contacts the foil instead of the ingredients and the grill net. The thermal conductivity of the foil does not generate any harmful substances. It is a protection A must-have for grill nets and hygienic barbecues.


The use of barbecue nets: mainly used in restaurants, restaurants, barbecue shops, picnics, camping, tourism and other activities of pasta, meat, fish barbecue, steaming, smoked, won the favor of roasters. When the charcoal is just lit, you should n’t grill immediately. Do n’t think that the fire is very hot. Grilling food directly with an open flame will produce a variety of harmful substances to the body and will grill the food. Please pay attention to this in the future.


Do not eat too much meat while eating barbecue. You should eat some vegetables and fruits appropriately. Meat is a very indigestible food. If the stomach is full of meat, it will increase the difficulty of digestion and cause serious injury to the stomach in severe cases. , Pay attention to eating barbecue next time. When grilling food with a grill net, do not dip too much condiments. Too much condiments will have an adverse effect on the body. Too much condiments will also lead to food, making it impossible to taste the original food and feeling everything you eat. It's a taste, you can experience it next time you eat barbecue.