How to use barbecue tools?

- Jun 05, 2020-

There are many kinds of barbecue tools depending on the method. Open flame roasting, charcoal fire roasting, stove roasting, mud roasting, bamboo roasting, teppanyaki, slate roasting, and stone rice are all barbecue fields. In the film and television play, a scene where a wooden stick is dressed with a chicken or rabbit roasting on a campfire is often seen, which belongs to the open fire. Some outdoor barbecue survival books often talk about this kind of grilling method. In fact, this kind of grilling method is not worth recommending. To the average person, it is not suitable to grasp the fire, and open flame grilling is more prone to substances harmful to human health. At the same time, making a campfire outdoors is more harmful to the environment and very unsafe, and advocates not to test open fire barbecues. Compared with several grilling methods, only charcoal grilling is convenient to operate, easy to control, and has the least harm to the environment. The variety of roastable food is the richest. It is recommended that everyone use charcoal fire for outdoor grilling.

The things used for charcoal grilling are: grills, carbon, brazing rods, knives, fish clips, toothpicks, etc.