How to use smokeless grill

- Oct 02, 2020-

1. Before use, check whether the canned liquefied petroleum gas pipeline is connected and whether it is connected firmly before use.

2. Pour proper water into the residue basin to maintain a certain amount of water to prevent drying. If the water is dry, pull out the bottom of the stove and add water.

3. Open the gas main valve, press and turn the electronic ignition switch to the left, let go after igniting the burner (combustion plate), and the firepower can be adjusted.

4. Ignition confirmation: When lighting, lightly press the switch and turn it to the left, and a bunch of flames can be seen rushing to the burning plate to ignite the whole burning plate. If there is no light blue flame on the combustion plate, this is not lit, please re-ignite until it is lit. A thin flame can be seen on the surface of the combustion plate at first, and the flame gradually recedes after about 1 minute, showing no open flame and redness and heat.

5. After use, turn off the main gas source switch and all ignition switches.

The electronic ignition switch should be turned off during cleaning and maintenance to prevent accidents.

When cleaning, the residual oil basin can be drawn out for cleaning, and the surface of the furnace body can be wiped with a wet towel.

After grilling for a long time, food scraps are easy to accumulate. You should always pay attention to the clean performance of the combustion plate to avoid clogging. You can use a steel needle to check whether the ceramic combustion plate is blocked.

Avoid directly cleaning the furnace head with water, which will affect the life of the furnace head. Ceramic grill

Smokeless grill is a kind of barbecue equipment, its core feature is smokeless, which is also the result of the country's environmental protection and urban hygiene requirements since the reform and opening up. It was first popular in Weihai-China's first sanitary city. A century of health and environmental protection is everyone's dream, especially in the barbecue shops and barbecue booths in almost every city in China. It is an inevitable environmental requirement to bid farewell to smoke and fire. . It should be noted that the smoke-free technology comes from South Korea's Ruihan. The purpose of the smokeless grill: barbecue. Barbecued food includes: pork, beef, mutton, seafood, aquatic products, vegetables, etc.