Introduction of charcoal barbecue grill

- Sep 02, 2019-


The loyal fans of the charcoal barbecue grill are determined not to choose the gas oven. They do have their truth: charcoal ovens can reach a violent 482 degrees Celsius on the surface of the meat, which is much hotter than a standard gas oven without an infrared burner. With such a high temperature, the skin of the steak and lamb chops can be turned into our super favorite meringue while keeping the red and pink inside the meat.

Another main advantage of charcoal roasting is smoke. In order to generate smoke, gas ovens must be added with wood. When the fat and juice of the food drip onto the burning charcoal, a large amount of smoke will be produced.

If the smoke is only a short encounter, the smoke does not significantly change the flavor of fast cooking foods such as hot dogs, beef burgers, and even thin steaks. In thick steaks and chicken cuts, the flavor of the smoke can be clearly perceived. If you use your grill for a long, low-temperature smoked grill, there is a clear difference in flavor. The flavor of the smoke produced by the gas oven is very simple.


Many residential buildings and fire stations will limit the use of charcoal barbecue grill on the balcony. Carbon and sparks can be run from the exit or the exhaust vent on the grill. The gas oven can be turned off as soon as the button is rotated.

In addition, charcoal will be dirty; it is difficult to ignite, it usually takes 15 minutes or longer to reach the desired temperature; it will catch fire and burn food. The heat of charcoal barbecue grill is more difficult to measure and control; it may slowly lose heat during long barbecues. Also, the temperature cannot be lowered quickly; there will be ash and it must be cleaned up. Then there are few charcoal barbecue grill that turn the grill and so on.

It seems that there are a lot of problems. However, most of these problems can be solved. For example, gloves, shovel, and pliers are carefully handled to reduce confusion and risk. If you use the exhaust vent and keep the charcoal dry, it is not difficult to keep the charcoal hot. Then if you put charcoal on the side of the grill to create a two-zone barbecue setting, the meat's fat will not drip on the carbon, causing fire. Even with fire, the water gun can destroy them. In addition, if there is a ash tank that can be removed, it can make the cleaning work much simpler.