Introduction of gas grill

- Sep 04, 2019-


The gas oven is easier and easier to control, and it is easy to start and can be heated in 10 to 15 minutes. It is easy to maintain a stable temperature and it is easy to heat or cool down. If you have 2 or more burners, you can easily create a two-zone grill. Temperature control is critical for good grilling and is also very easy to implement on a gas oven. gas grill are also easier to clean and are generally allowed to be used on the balcony.

What is the taste of the gas oven? To the surprise of many people, about 90% of the best BBQ restaurants in the world use gas to heat up their stoves and then use wood to enhance their flavor.

The reason why the BBQ restaurant chooses the gas oven and the family barbecue is the same: convenience and control. Unfortunately, ordinary courtyard gas grill do not produce such large amounts of heat.

With a dedicated burner, you can reach 482 degrees Celsius on a small portion of the food. But most gas grill have temperatures between about 232.2 and 260. If you buy a new one, it is highly recommended to have a special burner, especially if you often grill the steak.

Although gas grill are slightly better at maintaining a stable temperature, they are not perfect. The temperature of the controller is easily adjusted to be unstable. But if you are familiar with your grill, it will be easy to control the temperature. On a grill with three burners, you might use a hot area for roasting, a medium-hot grilled vegetable, and a low area to place the grilled food. The heat spreader prevents the flame from working well on the burner.

gas grill are easier to clean, and most have oil pans that are fairly easy to empty, so daily maintenance is to scrape off the grid.

Another advantage of gas grill is that they usually have a wider range of accessories. Most have a rotating grill and are highly recommended for purchase. Some have side burners, and it is recommended to keep the heat of the sauce or grilled side dishes. In addition, you can also have night lights, side tables and spice racks, storage drawers, bottle openers, some gas grills and even Bluetooth, which can enhance the quality and happiness of the barbecue.


In order to prevent fire and safety considerations, most gas oven lids are not well sealed, so smoke will leak out and require more wood than is needed. If not handled properly, the gas may explode. But overall, gas grill are relatively safe. If you encounter problems, you can turn off the switch directly.

Water can become condensed and can be organized in extremely cold weather. The grease will push under the burner and if you don't clean it, it may catch fire. This kind of fire can be very difficult to extinguish if it is not suitable for a fire extinguisher that is suitable for grease. gas grill are generally more expensive because the mechanism is more complicated and the assembly is more complicated. With more accessories, it will be bad and needs to be replaced. Another problem is that it is difficult to judge whether it will burn out the gas. Many gas grill do not have a particularly strong burner, or they are small, and only one or two steaks can be baked at a time.