Introduction of kamado BBQ ceramic grill

- Jul 29, 2019-

Kamado BBQ ceramic grills appeared in the United States in 1974 and are common in European and American barbecue competitions. In the middle of the oven there is a fire box with a grill and a round lid. The thick furnace wall can be permanently insulated, and the sealed lid makes the food more moist and tender. It is very suitable for large, hard, long-term barbecue foods, such as large pieces of meat and whole chicken. The food grilled by this oven can better preserve the original flavor of the food.


The Kamado BBQ ceramic grill is a crock pot cooking technique that has been passed down from ancient history. After our ancestors' experience in barbecue, steaming, roasting and ventilation. Based on this genetic basis, the ceramic oven uses unique aesthetics, high-quality metal fittings, ergonomics and safety and environmental protection, as well as its feminine design features. The ceramic oven is also unique for all seasons. ceramics. Ceramic ovens combine innovative ergonomics and set a new level in the design of charcoal ovens.