Is an electric grill or charcoal grill good?

- Jul 17, 2020-

If I use my own home, I think the first consideration is health, so I still choose the electric grill. Then it is practical. I think the electric grill is more suitable for family use, convenient, hygienic, clean, and barbecue, cake, ... a lot of things can be used. The function is relatively complete. Then there is the price. There are many electric ovens in the market, and the prices are not equal. 200-1000 is too much. For families, two or three hundred yuan is enough. Five or six hundred is already very good. Thousands of them are not much different from five or six hundred, they are just a concept. The taste is the latter. The reason for putting the taste behind is that from a professional point of view, the difference is not very big. Of course, it is great for some people because they prefer the taste of carbon grilling, but if it is for health, this taste is definitely not important for health.

If it is used in the field, it is better to use a carbon grill, because the carbon grill mainly uses smokeless charcoal to process food. It is a quality smokeless charcoal. There are no toxic substances such as sulfur and tar. The baked food is nutritious and healthy. The charcoal grill is the same as the Chinese grill. The baked food has a charcoal meat flavor, which is very delicious. And very emotional.